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  1.   AM Receiver

  2.   MW Active Antenna

  3.   Q- Multiplying Loop Antenna

  4.   4 Band Double Tuned Preselector

  5.   ZN414 Portable AM Receiver

  6.   SW Receiver using the ZN414

  7.   2 Transistor FM Transmitter

  8.   FM Transmitter

  9.   FSM Field Strength Meter

Simple Field Strength Meter

  11.  4 Transistor Transmitter by Paul K Sherby

FM Transmitter with Opamp by Kamram Ahmed

UHF TV Preamplifier

  14.  ATL3 Loop Antenna by Graham Maynard

Surveillance Transmitter Detector

  16.  AM Transmitter

  17.  6 x 6 Antenna Loop by Graham Maynard

2 Transistor Transmitter by Rob

MPF102 FM Receiver by Patrick Cambre

SW RF Pre-Amplifier

  21.  Band 2 Preamplifier

  22.   Bipolar Regenerative receiver by Ramon Vargas

Crystal Controlled Oscillator by Ramon Vargas

Short Wave Regenerative Receiver by Ramon Vargas

FM transmitter by David Celestin

Automatic Repeater by Miroslav Adzic

MK484 AM Receiver by Chad Castagana

TV Transmitter by David Kwaku Celestin

The Modern Armstrong Regenerative Receiver (in PDF Format) by Ramon Vargas

30 Watt VHF Amplifier by David Celestin

Antenna Tuning Unit

  32.  Sensitive DX TRF Receiver external link to Husnu Kokturk's web site

49MHz Walkie Talkie Circuit External Link

Medium Wave DX Receiver external link to Duncan's in New Zealand

136 KHz Receiver by Claudio Pozzi, IK2PII

40 Meter Popcorn Superhet Receiver by VE7BPO

Long Range FM Transmitter by Viswanathan Prakash

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